Horizon Gold Card Review

horizon gold card

Is the Horizon Gold Card Legit or a Scam?

Nowadays, it seems impossible to have a good credit record. With increasing personal or family needs adding up to bills and other necessities, building a good credit standing can certainly be a challenge.

There are so many credit cards out there, but what you always have to put in mind is to choose the one that could make your credit score higher. And this is what Horizon Gold Credit Card is all about. With it, you are assured that you have a good card to help build credit.

Horizon Gold Credit Card

I couldn’t find anything that should turn you away from Horizontal Gold Credit Card. Instead, here are reasons why you should be one of the users and how this card could become a tool to build good credit.

  1. $500 credit line right away

This will surely make your heart skip a beat. With Horizon Gold Credit Card, you’ll get two thumbs up right away for a 500 dollars line of credit that you can utilize exclusively to pay for your purchases at the Horizon Outlet. The 500 dollars is granted to all clients. Fortunately, your credit limit is not subjected neither to your credit history nor to your annual income. Whatever your employment status, credit score or income right now, you are welcome to apply.

  1. Bad Credit? Not a problem!

The card is made intentionally for individuals that incurred bad credit. We all know that many credit card companies meticulously check credit histories. Once they see a low or a bad credit score, your application will be denied. But Horizontal Gold Credit Card is not like any of them.

Even with a bad record, the Horizontal Gold Credit Card is open to everyone even without any credit check. The Horizon Gold credit card reports to at least one major credit bureau. This a great opportunity for those who have bad credit scores to rebuild their credit.

  1. Monthly Fees

Before you frown, let me first explain this advantage to you. A fee is attached to the card monthly because it offers a 0.00% APR. This is another reason why individuals that have damaged credits should choose Horizontal Gold Credit Card. The card charges a fee every month rather than interests. The fees are reasonable. The fees come from the late payment, insufficient check, outlet store delivery signature verification and outlet store residential delivery charge. Activation and maintenance fees should also be paid. However, the monthly fee may be waived for active cardholders. Thus, it is better to carry your card always to avail that waiver for this month.

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  1. It is used exclusively in Horizontal Outlet

The good thing about Horizontal Gold Credit card is its ability to be used where their payment network is accepted. This secured card is used only in Horizontal Outlet online shopping catalog. Users of the card can pay for their merchandises purchased at the Horizontal Outlet through this card. This may seem like a disadvantage since you can only use it exclusively for one store, but in fact, it isn’t. Although it is true that you can only use the card for one shop, the store has everything you need from apparels to electronics. Name it and Horizontal Outlet has it. Another advantage is you will not be needing to check on other shops or open several different websites because Horizontal Outlet has quality and affordable products.

Minimum Requirements for the Application and Approval 

To avail of the card, all you need to have is a Social Security number and a debit or credit account. You should also be 18 years old or older. When you all have these requirements, you just need to fill out the application form correctly and completely. The approval of your account will be sent within five days to two weeks via mail together with a credit card.

Available Special Programs

It may not have any reward programs, but special programs are offered. The special programs include 30 minutes Legal Assistance, 40% off from your prescription medication, protection for your personal information online, and roadside assistance like towing, lockout services, flat tire changes and fuel delivery.

All these and more when you avail of the Horizontal Gold Credit Card. Make a move on your bad or low credit score now by choosing to use a good credit card. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

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