Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card Review

Credit cards can be one of the best things that you can have with you every day. By having a credit card, you’ll only need to carry just the right amount of cash in your pocket, making it more convenient and safer for your everyday errands. But with the number of companies offering credit cards today, it is difficult to know each of them and find the one that suits you best. So let me lighten your burden and introduce to you an outstanding credit card, the Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card.


Without any intention of overwhelming you, let me just say that Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card has a bragging right to be known as an excellent credit card. Why? Well, it was ranked top three best secured credit cards for the year 2014 by no other than the experts at So with this fact, you know you have chosen the right credit card if you choose to sign up with them.

Major Features and Other Details of the Card

Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card builds credits quickly through their monthly reporting to all three major credit bureaus. There is also a selection of credit lines, starting from 200 dollars, plus they are secured by a fully-refundable security deposit. If you will need additional credit, you can make your credit line higher up to 5,000 dollars in the first year. The great thing about Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card is there is no need to check credits and your account. Application is done in less than five minutes. However, it is required that you submit security deposit before the card will be issued to help the company determine your credit limit. With Open Sky, you can also access financial education online for a better understanding of your financial status.


  1. Stress-free application 

Thanks to technology because you will not need to fall in line and wait for your turn. Application is done by going to the application page and clicking on the apply button. Get started now and you will be finished in less than five minutes.

  1. Affordable

What makes this credit card excellent is its low annual fee since there are no fees paid for the application.

  1. Generous grace period

Who likes interests? Bet no one, right? With Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card, a client’s purchases for the first billing cycle will not generate interests. And also, interests will not be charged on new purchases, provided, you pay your bill in full for every month on its payment due date.

  1. Secured credit card

How do you consider a credit card secured? You will know that a credit card is secured if it helps build credit while improving credit scores. With Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card, funds are backed for the amount you have deposited to secure the card.

  1. Offers you an excellent credit history

Who doesn’t want a clean and a perfect credit history right? This is what Open Sky Visa is aiming to give their clients, an excellent credit history. How do they do it? You will be encouraged to pay your bills and monthly expenses on the right time. This will be beneficial for the customers in the near future when they apply for loans.

  1. Accessible as a Visa Card

Open Sky Secured Visa Credit card will work everywhere you go as long as visa is accepted. With this total accessibility as a visa card, it will be easier to purchase things from small to big ones, plus you can pay your household bills with it. And most importantly, there is Visa Zero Liability policy for protection against fraud.

  1. Credit- established quickly and easily at your own pace

You can choose your credit limit with the amount stated equal to the size of your security deposit. Once it is determined, Open Sky reports to the three bureaus for you to begin building your credit as you use it.

8.   No Credit Check

This is a worry-free application as there is no credit check necessary. Your credit limit is determined by the security deposit you provide.

Should I recommend Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card?

The question is why should I not? This visa credit card has outstanding features that you will not find in other credit cards. They are not only there to do business, but they were built to help their clients. With easy application, low annual fees, generous grace period and everything mentioned above, who will not say yes to Open Sky?

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