Tips on buying a new or used car

Are you looking to buy a car? Let’s face it, unless you live in a big city such as New York City where they have public transpiration all round the city you don’t really need one to get around but some of us would like to have one either way for personal use such as driving to work, school, going out shopping,etc. If you aren’t going to pay the full price of the car then you will need financing which means you will have to take out a loan from a car loans lender, credit union, bank or straight from the dealership which we don’t recommend as it’s better to shop around and already have a pre-approved loan when you step in into the dealership.


How to get approved for a Car Loan:

A powerful first step in the car buying process is to get approved for a loan. Getting approved for a loan from a bank, credit union or online lender will show you what interest rate you qualify for. The interest rated you will be offered will definitely depend on your credit history so make sure to work on your credit score before you are ready to apply for a loan. If you think you credit score is good enough then you can go ahead and start applying for auto loans from financing places such as a Bank,Credit Union or Auto Loan financing services such as Capitol One Auto Loans. You can still accept dealership financing, but getting approved before you even walk into a dealership will be your advantage to negotiating a better interest rate with the dealership.


Choosing the right car:

Walking into a car lot can be very frustrating and you can become very impatient. According to research perform a few years ago it claimed that 95 percent of people looking to buy a car found exactly what they wanted at the car lot. This is not necessarily bad but it can mean that people just wanted to get in a car and leave to get over with it but in reality we should be cross shopping and trying to get the best deal for the vehicle we want. You need to also remember that if you are looking for a specific auto model you can talk to your dealer about searching their inventory for the car you want because most dealers have nationwide inventories and if they have the car you want at another location then they can get it shipped to their dealership.

A lot of people have many complaints about the car they just recently bought, complaints such as poor visibility, uncomfortable seats, or a bad suspension. ¬†The main reason for this complaints it’s because most consumers skip the test drive and a test drive of the car you are looking to buy is highly recommended as you want to make sure you are fine with the car as well as there are mechanical problems with it, it’s also highly recommended to have the car checked out by a mechanic to make sure the car is in very good running conditions.

Don’t end up paying too much for a used car because when you decide to trade it in or sell it, it will be worth a lot less. Make sure to check the book price of the car on how much it should be worth depending on the year and miles currently on the car. Do some research on the car you want or need as it’s worth doing some research since you might find some other good alternative cars that you can consider.

Good luck looking the car you are trying to buy and make sure to do a test drive as well as getting a mechanic to check it for mechanical problems!

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