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BinLayer.com Review

BinLayer is an ad network who payed for mostly German traffic but now they pay USA,EU,CA traffic too, as well as Worldwide traffic so if you are looking to monetize your India,Pakistan or Asian overall traffic then this is a good network to try out. This is a CPM network so you will be payed based on impressions on a weekly basis. They offer Layer/Hybrid Ads, Banner Ads And Pop Up ads.

Here is a little more info on their Ad Formats:

  • LayerAds are HTML-Windows that are flying into your website and cover the content of the page partly. They are immediately closable via click and through their visual adaption to the content easy to recognise as advertisement by your visitors & therefore discreet. Webmasters are using LayerAds as a substitute for Banners, because of the possible higher revenue with less advertising.
  • HybridAds are basically like the previous described LayerAds, but with the difference, that a PopDown opens after closing them. Many users might feel it invasive, but the remuneration is 50% higher than with LayerAds only and therefore it is commonly used by the majority of our Webmasters.
  • The PopAds are no regular PopUps, because the just open after interaction by the user with the website. Therefore they are resistant from Popup blockers. In addition there is also a second option, which you can apply well-targeted on elements of your website (e.g. all links). Our PopAds are always Pop-Downs, thus only opening in the background.
  • BannerAds can be played everywhere on your website – it is classical banner advertisement with many different ad formats, that only show campaigns of reliable and well-known companies. BannerAds can be combined with our PopAds, so you can earn highest CPM. The restrictions: Our BannerAds contain it’s own framebreaker and it is forbidden to use more than one banner on a single page. As well, you can only use it in the area of your website that is directly visible.
You can get CPMs as high as $10 dollars and sometimes you can average even more depending on the quality of your traffic. SIGN UP AND START EARNING!
  • Commission Type: CPM 
  • Minimym Payment: $20
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Bank
  • Payment frequency: You can request payment up to 4 times in one month.


Here is some payment proof:
If you are serious about making good money with this great ad formats then don’t hesitate to sign up for BinLayer and start making money from your worldwide traffic.