Car Insurance Cost for BMW 335

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Planning to buy a BMW 335i or 335xi ? Maybe you already own one but you find yourself looking for the best available car insurance for your vehicle. The cost of the insurance you will pay will really depend on your driving record, your age and the type of car you are insuring, for example a fast car with high horsepower will pay more that a regular car with less horsepower. The BMW 3 Series is the company’s top seller in the United States and there’s a good reason for that, It’s a classy entry-level luxury car endowed with world-class fit and finish, spirited performance and an exquisite ride-and-handling balance unmatched by most vehicles at any price. The 335i has a inline 6-cylinder, 3.0 liters and dual overhead camshafts (24 Valves), 300 Horsepower and comes turbocharged twin turbos which means insurance should be a little more pricier than let’s say a BMW 328i.

If you are under the age of 24 then expect the insurance prices to be a little higher than for someone who is already over 25 years with a proven clean driving record. Keep in mind that the city where you will be driving your car also plays a big part on your insurance price, states like New York, D.C, New Jersey and other crowded states are known for having higher insurance prices compared to other states such as Iowa or North Dakota.

Given the fact that the BMW 335i is a very fast car insurers know that you won’t be driving this baby slow most of the time so they will quote you with a higher price than your average car just because they know that a fast car brings higher risks and are more likely to get into car accidents due to speeding. I know that not everyone who owns this car likes to drive reckless but when an insurance company sees someone looking for a quote in this car this what I mentioned above it’s what comes to their mind.

Below I will list some examples gathered from the internet of drivers who currently own this car and how much they are paying monthly for their insurance and what state do they reside in.

– A 25 Years old with a BMW 335IS coupe paying $189 per month with State Farm.

– 28 Years old paying $150 a month with USAA for full coverage ( Married with kids, Home owner).

– 17 Years old paying $1400 every 6 months for premium.

– 22 Years old paying $1800 a year for premium (Clean driving record).

– 23 Years old paying $760 every 6 months.

– 27 Years old paying $690 every 6 months (Clean driving record).

– 23 Years old paying $780 a month (New driver).

– 33 Years old paying $900 a year (Clean driving record).


This are just some examples and should be taken with a grain of salt due to the fact that insurance companies look at a lot of variables so you will most likely not have the same price as some of the folks listed above. Feel free to shop around and check out with insurance company offers the best insurance price for you. Get a free quote for cheap car insurance HERE!

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