Mastercard and Intel to Merge

As a consumer, most of you are assuming to find improvements with the services and features of the credit cards that you are using. That won’t be a big problem since Intel is now discussing some features that they can add with MasterCards. When you see an Intel inside logo within the credit card that … Read more

The Benefits Of Cash Back Using A Debit Machine

Cash back transactions are becoming common in retail shops and restaurant everywhere. It is an easy process similar to providing change to a buyer. Using electronic payment, consumers can issue a higher value than what would actually cover the item being purchased. The extra would then be returned to the consumer in cash, hence the … Read more

The Truth About Prepaid Cards

What normally can be very demoralizing to people who had credit standing troubles in the past is that there are a lot of important things that they can not necessarily do considering they just do not have access to a credit card. They will often be unable to get one in the least, or they … Read more

Use A Prepaid Credit Card To Improve Your Credit

Do you need to find a way to improve your credit rating that includes other measures that do not include paying off some of your current large outstanding bills? If you cannot afford to payoff your current bills, do you want to know of another method that will make your credit better that works without too … Read more

How To Open a Non-Resident Bank Account in Canada

Non-Resident Bank Account in Canada: An American can easily open a new bank account in Canada. You can open a resident bank account if you are a civilian of Canada or if you hold a legal work permit. If you retain non-residence status in Canada, then you can open a non-resident bank account when you provide … Read more

Best Credit Cards For College Students

As a college student, you will find that your personal needs will change at a rapid pace. You will be exposed to the harsh world if you are away from home for the first time. One thing you need to learn is the personal aspect of managing your own financial credit. Some college students have only … Read more

What Is APR Rate, What Does It Mean ?

When you are in the market for a new credit card you need to know the card’s APR rate. This information is important because if you have any outstanding balances on your credit card that carry over from month to month you will be paying interest on this amount of money. APR is an acronym for … Read more