GetGamers is an AD network who focuses on gaming websites since they offer gaming ads and have over 1,000+ advertisers. They offer Pop-Unders (Site under/Pop Ups), Pre-roll, Mobile and ‘Back Traffic’ campaigns. You probably never heard of a Back Traffic campaign but it basically works like this: You will earn from visitors that come to your … Read more Review is a great CPC/CPM  network and a great alternative to Google’s AdSense. You can use this network to monetize your worldwide traffic such as USA,CA,INDIA and Asian traffic. You can place their ads on your websites, blogs, personal pages, and social networking sites and start earning money. If you are unable to use adsense on … Read more Review is an ad network who offers CPC and CPM solutions. If you are an advertiser or a publisher looking to earn money from your website’s traffic then this is a great network to try. They offer an 80% revenue share and their minimum payment is only $10 so you can request payment whenever you … Read more Review

Moneytize is an CPC (cost per click) ad network for both publishers and advertiser. They are based in France so they are only accepting websites whose language is French at the moment, this is a great network for users looking to monetize their french language websites They offer stand banners as well as widgets in which you … Read more Review

The Epom AD Market is an ad-network that gives quality publishers the opportunity to unite directly with the advertisers. Epom ensures that you get one of the highest eCPM rates in the market. Epom works with various formats such as display,mobile ads for mobile sites and apps. Epom as huge variety of different ad formats, … Read more Review

  Smowtion is an AD network who offers ADS in the combination of CPC,CPM and CPA, they offer various formats such as standard leaderboards and banners, to pop-ups and sliders. Their rates are quite low, however, with the network using a combination of CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns with on-page ad rates often hovering around … Read more Review

eDomz is a great CPV and PPC network, They offer Pop Ups and Pop under ads as well as CPM/CPC banner ads. They are known for paying very well for Asian and Indian traffic but like every ad network if your traffic is mainly USA,UK then you will get the most out of this network or … Read more