Different Types Of Land Surveys

What people know about land surveys are they are official drawings of the land property which allows people to know about the boundaries of the land. Little do they know that there are different types of surveys, each based according to the needs of the property owner. There are surveys which not only survey the land itself, it also takes into consideration the water, the air, the surrounding land, the things below ground and some other things. This is to make sure that everything is covered when the time comes that the property owner would develop or sell the land. Here are the most common types of land surveys.

Number one, you have the boundary survey. This is conducted to help you establish the boundaries of a property. One of the key factors in a boundary survey are previous records and recorded markers which can help establish the true boundary of the property. Once they have all the important information like the measurement, new changes in the landmarks and others they can then set the new boundaries and place the markers. The markers can be iron rods, pipes, trees, plants or anything else which will help to denote the boundary. This is one type we do in our San Diego land surveying company.

Next, you can have a mortgage survey. Mortgage surveys are almost the same as boundary surveys, but they include the property improvements on it. They are usually required by title companies and lending institutions when they provide financing so that it will show that the land is not in dispute or is not encroaching on another’s property. It also makes sure that the property is set to meet the current zoning and building codes of the area. This is another service we offer in our A.L.T.A. land title surveys San Diego company.

Number three, you also have the topographic survey. Topographic surveys are land surveys which determine the elevation and type of land of a property. The man-made and natural features are indicated here. They will be able to indicate building improvements, fences, rivers, hills or streams. You will have contour lines indicated as well as changes in elevation. This type of land surveying is done usually for scientific and government purposes so they can build or save a certain tract of land.

The article just detailed the various land surveys that we have today. These three are actually the most common types used today. Make sure then that you know the reason why you need a land survey so that you can choose the most suitable type for you to use.