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The Epom AD Market is an ad-network that gives quality publishers the opportunity to unite directly with the advertisers. Epom ensures that you get one of the highest eCPM rates in the market. Epom works with various formats such as display,mobile ads for mobile sites and apps. Epom as huge variety of different ad formats, such as the industry standard banner sizes, pop ups, pop under and many more formats as well as custom size banners. You can use them along side Google AdSense if you’d like. This network is also an excellent choice for users trying to monetize their tier 3  Asian traffic such as Pakistan,India,etc.

  • Type of Ads: CPC/CPM/CPA/CPL
  • Average eCPM rates between $0.5 to $3.70 and 100% fill rate
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Check and Wire transfers
  • Minimum Payment:  $10 for Paypal and $100 for Wire Transfer
  • Payment frequency: NET30 (Every 30 Days)


Epom seems to accept almost all kinds of websites including Download Sites, Tv Show/Movie Streaming websites as well as Warez Websites but they do not allow adult websites. If you are looking for a good ad network with good rates then do not hesitate to sign up for Epom as a publisher and start earning money from your website today! JOIN NOW!



Epom for Advertisers:

If you are interested in joining Epom as an advertiser then feel free to try out their free Ad Server which also allows you to set up your own campaigns and sell direct traffic. They have an amazing platform with endless of advertising options. Join Epom’s Ad server today!