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Ewen Chia’s $5,000 From Scratch Review

$5,000 from scratch

What is the $5,000 from Scratch System, Is it a Scam or Does It Work?

The $5,000 from Scratch System is an on-line money making scheme produced by Ewen Chia.
The machine claims to use a “secret system” to help individuals without any experience start generating over $5,000 without any upfront investment themselves.
Obviously, the idea of making $5,000 on the web with no upfront investment required is extremely appealing to just about anyone. Nevertheless the $5,000 from Scratch System isn’t the initial moneymaking system we’ve seen appear online. Does this system in fact work? Or perhaps is this yet another online moneymaking business scam? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Ewen Chia and Does Her “Secret” Money Making Methods Work?

Ewen Chia seemingly have legitimately sold several thousand copies of his products and learning materials online.However, the 2nd search result that comes up when you search his name is this page on StoppingScams. That page describes how Ewen has an “empire” of low-quality scam products available online:

“There’s nothing can beat that sinking feeling after you’ve watched a sales page, gotten really stoked up about a product, and logged set for the very first time merely to feel completely scammed and disappointed. If you prefer that feeling, Ewen’s products are for you personally. If you’re normal and that’s something you stay away from, you really need to steer clear of Ewen’s products without exceptions.”

One of the greatest criticisms about Ewen’s products is that he’s left them unchanged for more than 5 years – which might as very well be 5 decades in the internet marketing world. In many industries, a textbook that’s 3 to 5 years of age wouldn’t be a total deal breaker. In the internet marketing world, it’s the difference between relevancy and irrelevancy.

Whatever the case, that page indicates that Ewen has made almost all of his money online telling other individuals how to make money online. His items are also infamous for upsells – so once you purchase one product, you’ll be bombarded with offers for Ewen’s other products.

As you can see there seems to be mixed feelings about her but let’s get into this product and how it works and if it’s worth it.

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So how exactly does $5,000 from Scratch System Work?
The $5,000 from Scratch System claims to teach you a “little known way to exploit an untapped reservoir of laser targeted prospects which can be fully predisposed to get from you.”The technique is absolve to implement – so “you never need to invest a penny on traffic if you don’t want to.”

Obviously, Ewen does not reveal the strategy upfront. However, he claims it’s not related to list building, email marketing, solo ads, product creation, product launching, Fiverr, SEO, video or YouTube marketing, Google AdWords, CPA marketing, as well as other increasing visitor count methods. Aside from that, Ewen doesn’t provide any more details about the $5,000 from Scratch System upfront. He posts one blurred out picture of a blueprint page where he’s sketched out of the idea in action. He also posts screenshots of his earnings as proof.

Some of the other items we can let you know about this technique include:

-It works for complete newbies (Ewen actually claims it really works better for complete newbies as you don’t have a similar “information overload” many experienced marketers have)

-You can see results using this system in as little as 1 day

-This just isn’t a get rich quick scheme that will move you to a millionaire overnight

-It deals with any computer or device with a web connection

-This may be the method Ewen claims to utilize himself

Basically, Ewen shows you simple tips to identify a niche, fill that niche with useful material, then exploit that niche to make money online.


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Last but not least, the $5,000 From Scratch is obviously a good product, definitely not a scam. What it teaches is more or less good marketing, and there’s definitely the opportunity to result in the stated $5,000+ each month though I highly doubt can be done it with only fifteen minutes work per day, regardless of the claims regarding the sales page.

It offers its flaws though. The training could have been more in depth in some areas and achieving training in other media would have been very welcome, especially considering a few of the video lengths. The only downside for some is that this system relies on Facebook a bit, it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket and then running really fast down a steep, rocky hill. Still if you’re willing to take that chance, then it’s not a poor system to check out. At $7 for a front-end product, you do receive lots of value.

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