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To get your free credit score from Experian or any of the major three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion, read through this article and take some notes. Let us know if you have any questions.

Get Your Free Credit Score One of the three major credit bureaus is Experian (the other two are Equifax and TransUnion), you can get a free credit score from them. From this site,, you can get a free credit score. Experian has a credit score PLUS which is like the other 2 credit score and has a credit score range of 330 to 830. This credit score determines your credit worthiness how it is veiws by banks and lenders. This scoring model is to help predict your credit risk and how likely you will get a good interest rate on your loans.

I just got my Experian credit plus score checked recently and I got a plus score of 762 on a scale of 330 – 830. This credit score is based on a formula based on the entirety of everything on my credit file. A highest score is 830 and it indicates a lower risk, the higher the credit score. Depending on what lender or bank that you go through, they may base your risk on other factors besides your Experian Plus score, but your credit score is one of the main factors.

With my credit score of 762, it means that I have excellent credit and I will likely get the best rates and terms. This means that with a high credit score and my credit score along can help banks and lenders make a better assessment on how to serve me and my financial needs.

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The credit scoring process benefits consumers because there are supposed to be faster credit approvals and less human errors because of the automation process.

At this point, the few things that can increase my credit score is to keep doing what I am doing. This includes paying my bills on time and by not having any negatives on my accounts such as collections or bankruptcies. Another important element is having a good credit utilization ratio. This is basically the percentage of the amount of debt I over divided by the total credit line I have available. In order to have a good cushion, this percentage needs to be 20% or less. With a percentage that low, it will have a positive impact on my overall credit score.

Another good thing I have in my credit profile is that the credit cards that I own, such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express all have a high credit limit. Also that I have a good mix of credit available to me. This tells banks and lenders that I am responsible with my finances, have financial experience, and therefore, have less chance for credit risk.

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