Gorillanation.com Review

I have been using GorillaNation for about 6 months on a site that is not traffic heavy but I have been getting pretty good earnings. You can set up a floor CPM which means they will not server ads which pay lower than what you have requested. Is better to start with a low floor CPM then increase from there. You can get booked to ads that can pay $5.00+ per 1,000 impressions,etc. Try them out!

Gorillanation.com (EvolveMediaCorp) is a premium  CPM network. They work based on CPM (Cost Per Million) They pay based on impressions, they offer CPM banners and Video advertising as well. They will try to book ads for your niche by pitching your site to their clients to see who is interested in advertising in your site.


Maximize Your Ad Revenue

  • GorillaNation helps your website when it comes to monetizing your inventory with campaigns which are contextually relevant to your niche which means you will get good results in terms of revenue and the advertisers looking for sites in your niche will want to book ads in your website. This results in developing the highest possible CPMs for your site(s) inventory. In addition GorillaNation focuses not only on monetizing your inventory through premium brand sales for IAB ad placements, but also bring beyond the banner integrations to all Publishers by providing you with the tools you need to help you maximize you website’s inventory. They pride themselves in selling all of your inventory to advertisers so make sure you have a good looking niche which has rich content.


What are the requirements to join GorillaNation and start making money from your websites?

  • Minimum of 100,000 unique visitors.
  • They want at least 1 or 2 AD Placements “above the fold” of your website.
  • No more than 3 placements per page. (example: 728×90, 300×250, 160×600 = Good)
  • Strong editorial content. Writing unique and interesting articles helps to get approved.
  • Cohesive and clean look and feel. (Make sure to have well designed website with a clean user navigation interface)
  • Your traffic must be mainly from USA,Canada, UK and Australia

The requirements listed above are used as a general guideline for evaluation and does not mean that you will not be approved if you don’t meet the requirements.


If you think you are ready to apply for their network, then fill out their Publisher form: Join GorillaNation.com


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