How A Land Survey Is Done

There are various stypes of land surveys which are done to ensure that you have the right boundary lines. This involves taking precise measurements of boundaries so that a legal document can attest to the property lines. Land surveys are very important when it comes to property disputes, and they can also help when you are going to build or expand on a land. Taking measurements of a land usually requires a lot of research and documentation until the final measurement is achieved. It is going to be a very tedious process on the part of the surveyor but then it will be worth it because you will have the proper documentation for your land. Here are the steps on how a land survey is conducted.

Primary thing that you need to do is to get official records concerning the property to be surveyed. This includes title certificates, deeds and other legal documents you can have. You land surveyor will then do his research concerning past surveys, estimates and other official records that can influence this most recent survey. There are certain land which are derived from divisions of a larger piece of property. This can be quite challenging especially if no proper survey was conducted or it was not recorded properly. This is what we stress in our land surveyor San Diego company.

Second, the measurement of the land will then be surveyed. Based on the research conducted by the surveyor, the measurements will be derived using various equipments. The measurements may be taken using a transit and tape measure, or it can be taken using electronic equipments. There are times where GPS can be used for land surveys, but it depends on the area if the GPS signal is strong enough for precise measurements. They measure the land several times to ensure that there is no mistake. After measurement, the property will then be marked of and then a final layout will be provided for legal use. This is something we do easily in our San Diego ALTA land surveying company.

Number three, these measurements will then be the legal boundaries of your property. As soon as the measurement is official they will have it transcribed in a legal document. The document will have the exact measurements and coordinates of the property. This is more commonly known as a land certificate. A reference number will be assigned to your property for future use.

You have just read some of the things that you should know about when it comes to the steps in land surveying. Surveyors usually take different measurements just to make sure that the property in question has the right measurement. When your property is not surveyed then there will be some legal implications.