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Improve Your Article Marketing for Higher Sales Conversions

Improving Your Article Marketing for Increased Traffic and Higher Sales Conversions

For very many years, article marketing has been very useful and powerful for generating targeted website traffic. But what is not known to numerous article marketers is you can leverage your articles in many ways. Indeed, there are various article types depending on the goal you want to reach. We will discuss this area of optimizing your articles and approaches to reach more traffic to your site and increase overall conversions.

The most general approach article marketers take is to generate traffic from article directories. Search engine optimization of articles, submitted to article submission sites, is very common for purposes of good search positioning. But a lot of of the lesser experienced writers give too much emphasis on getting website traffic from article directories. But today we are going to talk about a different method that is used much less often by article marketers. We are referring to deliberately writing your articles to get them syndicated. There are major differences with positions and mindsets between syndicating content and all the other tactics.

Article syndication pertains to the process in which your articles are picked up by website owners and published on their websites. The type of traffic that you could get is highly targeted and can be substantial in the long term. It is critical to understand that syndicated articles are very different from the standard article directory site article. They typically want longer articles that are well-written and contain very useful content. Keep in mind they maintain websites that are directly about the topic of your article. Your articles need to be good since they have a trained eye for great content that is well-written.

One very common error made by article marketers is they publish their articles on the popular directories such as Ezinearticles first. But there are important reasons why you must follow a particular order of publishing. Only the more experienced article marketers understand this, but it is learned from experience. For example, for Google’s sake you want them to see that the original content, your article, came from your site instead of from any article directory. Also, if you work at generating backlinks and ranking your site, then you can fairly easily beat the article site page where it is posted. That is why it is important, and permissible, to use your content on your site initially, and then on any directory.

If you want to be hands-on about syndicating your articles, then here is an approach that can bring great results. Let’s say you have crafted an article you think is suitable for syndication. Next you need to do all your publishing in the correct sequence as we described. Find as many first-rate sites that are a good fit for your article niche. You may find that some people, site owners, have viewed your article in some article directory. So at that point you simply approach website owners and ask if they would prefer to syndicate your article, and in addition ask about future syndication.