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Lijit.com Review


Lijit is a great CPM based network I tried Lijit and was very impressed  with their earning rates as they were strong and consistent, you will get updates in your publisher’s dashboard letting you know that new banners have been added to your ad tags and websites. The great thing about Lijit.com is that you don’t even need huge traffic in order to earn decent revenue but in case they don’t have ad tags for your visitors you can always set up backup ad tags so your visitors will always be displayed ads.

Lijit allows you to adjust payments so rollback ads can appear if one particular ad isn’t reaching a strong CPM rate. The floor price determines the minimum CPM value of the ad and the better paying banner gets shown. -Meaning you can run Google AdSense  as a fail-safe if Lijit can’t find a company that can better the price of the banner. So far they have been able to earn more than AdSense in all of the clients niches that  I have tried.

Once you add your ad tags you will start making money right away. Once you start receiving some traffic and they keep adding new ads to your account you can see ranges around $1.20 to $1.77 CPM for the 728px by 90px leaderboard ad and about  $1.10 to $1.57 CPM for the 160px by 600px skyscraper banner. Of course this rangers can be higher or lower depending where your traffic is coming from. And the great thing is that Lijit also supports international ads.

You must have at least $25 in your account in order to get paid, their ads are very clean and do not contain any virus, Trojans or redirection. You should give them a try as they don’t really have a minimum traffic requirement but they do require quality sites. Wish you the best with this network if you decide to use them and have fun making some money online from this great CPM AD Network =).