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Lizads.com Review


Lizads is an AD network for both advertisers and publishers looking to monetize their websites. Lizads has been around since 2012 and they currently work with direct advertisers and RTB networks to deliver and fill all impressions so you can always display ads to all of your visitors. This is a great network to monetize your worldwide traffic such as Indian,Pakistan and any other Tier 3 countries. Keep in mind that traffic from Tier 1 countries such as USA,UK,CA will always make you more money.

This company offers Display Banner, Mobile banners and Pop-Unders (Pop-Ups). In order to get paid you must meet the minimum payment threshold which is $50, they pay on a NET 45 basis by PayPal.

Feel free to SIGN UP for this network and see how it goes and remember to let us know about it in the comments.