How to Make Money Online

How to make money on Facebook


If you are looking to make money through social networks then Facebook is very good place to start because it’s still the biggest social media network in the world today. Since Facebook is used daily by millions of users you won’t have any problems finding the right audience to target. What we meat by targeting an audience is that we are going to show you ways that you can promote certain products that will interest an audience of your desired product, for example if you are looking to promote an affiliate product on how to lose weight then you must target users who are looking to lose weight. We will show you how to do all that so you can promote some affiliate product links and start generating some revenue from one of the most popular websites in the world.

One of the most popular ways to earn money from Facebook traffic is by posting a link to your a blog you own which has advertisements. You cannot go around pasting your links all over the place as Facebook can ban you for spamming or even block your link. You can search for open groups on Facebook related to your website’s niche and just post your links on those groups with a brief description about it and users who are interested will click your link, it’s a good idea to have a mobile friendly website since most of Facebook users access the site by mobile instead of desktop computers.

Another way you can make money off Facebook is by sharing affiliate links of a product you want to promote. Just like the paragraph above you will be doing the same thing, Pick a product you want to share and look for groups related to the product and post your link. For example if you are going to promote a weight loss CPA product then you will need to look for groups or fan pages that are related to weight loss and post your affiliate link, make sure the post gives a nice description as you want to catch users attention. If you choose to go this way and promote affiliate links then you will need to join a CPA network where you can grab links from but keep in mind that some offers do not allow you to promote the product through social media so make sure to read on that. Here is a list of CPA networks which you can join:

What most people who make money through Facebook do is create a fan page that can attract users, for example a fan page that posts prank videos or funny vines,etc and once that fan page has a lot of users (Likes) then you can start posting affiliate links the same way that it was described in the paragraphs above. When ever you post a funny video which you think can go viral you can post a link with it too because if that post you made goes viral and gets shared all over Facebook then you will link will be shared too since it’s part of the post and you could be making money from people clicking that affiliate link.