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PopAds.net Review (Pop-Under CPM)

PopAds.net is one of the best pop-under or pop-up networks in the industry when it comes to their rates and customer support. PopAds is pretty popular among webmasters who are trying to monetize their Asian traffic especially their Indian traffic since PopAds seems to pay above average for Asian traffic. So if you are looking to monetize your Indian traffic or just Tier 3 traffic overall then look no further. Keep in mind that PopAds is just like any other pop under network, when it comes to USA traffic they will pay the most.

  • No minimum traffic requirements.
  • PopAds Accepts world-wide traffic.
  • Very low $5 minimum payout. Payable as soon as a publisher reaches $5. (Paypal,Alertpay)
  • High CPM rate – around $4 for US visitors. Average – $1.50.
  • Accepts any website – even subdomains and blogs.
  • Ability to provide back-up tags to monetize any unsold inventory.
  • Ability to limit the number of pops per visitors.

Join PopAds now and start making money off every visitor that visits your website/blog with PopAds high quality pop unders. There is probably no other ad network on the market that processes payment requests daily for publishers and there is no ad network on the market that can promote your website as efficient as PopAds does for advertisers.

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2 thoughts on “PopAds.net Review (Pop-Under CPM)

  1. No doubt, It is good solution for webmasters and publishers. I am also using this. This gives us positive approach to make some money through website. The best thing with pop under I like is it does not occupy out webpage space.

    1. hi bro i hv tried it but no good result ….
      i’m the beginner of edomz i jst log up two days before i get the banner code (cmp code) and i copy it and pasted in my blog…but that banner(cmp) which i have published is not at all displayed in my blog…can u please sugg me how to work in edomz…

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