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Before we get into the review I just want to say that Sick Submitter is very affordable, especially when compared to the other SEO tools out there in the market and it’s a great alternative to other web 2.0 blog creator softwares such as SENuke Xcr, Magic Submitter, Scrapebox,etc. Sick Submitter is only $19.99 a month or $189.99 yearly but using this coupon code: C52D9C02 you can get Sick Submitter for only 17.99 a month or if you are planning on doing the yearly subscription then you can use this coupon code: 7B82EADB and then it would be $149 a year. That’s about a $90 saving.

Sick Submitter can perform the following tasks automatically:
  •                 Forum Profile Creation and Submission
  •                 RSS Creation and Submission
  •                 Directory Creation and Submission
  •                 Article Creation and Submission
  •                 Bookmark Creation and Submission
  •                 Blog Comment Creation and Submission
  •                 Web 2.0 Creation and Submission


Sick Submitter 4 is the most complete solution for your backlink building plans and online business endeavors. It is the newest version of an application that has captivated many with its advanced functionality and user friendly interface, being considered by experts as the best link building tool ever.

You can use your DeathbyCaptcha, bypass, Captcha Snipper, Beat Captcha and decaptcher accounts for solving catpcha. What’s great is that, the latest version, the Sick Submitter 4 have a FREE captcha solving. You can use all of these by making any of the accounts you have arranged according to priority.




What Can You Expect from Sick Submitter 4?


Many of you who have used Sick Submitter before are likely familiar with Sick Submitter 3, which has dominated the SEO Tools market when it comes to building literally every type of backlink there is.

Let’s take a look at just how much the Sick Marketing tool has been enhanced with the release of its newest version, and how you and your clients can benefit from working with it.

Apart from the improved design and a remarkable new features, you will be happy to find that Sick Submitter 4 has kept many of the functional interface options that you are likely familiar with from version 3.

The new features added include User Friendly Wizards, Link Template Systems, the Sick Browser and the totally new Data Manager, are all designed to offer better results and take all the guesswork out of the picture when it comes to finding and working with various types of data and links, while also offering a whole new array of options to advanced users.

All of these great functional features are available at an astonishing low price, allowing site owners to get to the top of SERPs in record time without spending hundreds of dollars a month. Can it really get any better than this?

Customize Your Work and Achieve Results Faster


The Sick Marketing team has realized the success of Sick Submitter 3, and they have kept many of the same features, and adding a host of others to the new version. You therefore have at your disposal the ability to create Profiles, RSS Feeds, Directory Links, Articles, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments and Web 2.0 sites. It gets much better, though!

The Data Manager has replaced the URL Manager to offer better speed and a number of advanced accessibility features. Based on a powerful SQL database, the Data Manager allows users to create advanced queries, having all the necessary information at their fingertips. With the easy to use SQL Wizard, you can manage all the data from the submitter without having to use a single line of code.

Get Sick Submitter 4 now, and easily find unlimited ways of retrieving important feedback and data from Sick Submitter, either creating internal reports or notifications for your clients.

The Scheduler was almost completely rebuilt in order to provide better stability. It can now save scheduled tasks directly to a database instead of a simple text file, which allows for better organization and accuracy when managing your projects.

Download Sick 4, and you can get the powerful functionality of the Scheduler, making your link building experience extremely easy, as you can just set it up once, and it will create quality backlinks even while you’re not at the computer. Doesn’t it sound great to let Sick do the work for you while you’re drinking a cup of coffee with a friend or running your errands?

With the new Sick Browser, building your own packets and templates has never been easier. Together with the Sick Editor, its versatile features are designed to work faster and get scripts running without the use of extra coding.

Try out Sick Submitter 4, and you will realize just how indispensable a tool this is. The browser is specially designed to work with Sick and improve your chances of success when submitting to various sites.

With the new addition of the Sick Captcha Solver, the issue of going around various captcha codes is finally over. Download Sick 4 now, and get this feature completely free, eliminating the tedious tasks of signing up with captcha providers or solving the codes manually.

Proxy handling is another aspect that has been greatly enhanced. The proxies may be used in pinging your new links, and the options have been redesigned to allow the use of private proxies that may require a username and password.

Sick 3 Compatibility


Many have asked how the new updates fit in with the old functionality of Sick Submitter 3. Packets, templates and data files created in Sick 3 will be easy to access in the new release with minimal effort.

The Data Manager can easily be used to transfer all the information from the old URL Manager with only a few simple steps, and the transition of old var files, templates and packets is also a snap. All in all, the entire transition from Sick Submitter 3 to the 4th version of the application will be a smooth one, creating no difficulties whatsoever.

If you have any experience with online marketing as a whole, you will easily be able to see how the many remarkable new features that the program offers can become indispensable assets on your journey to SERP greatness.


Get the Best Possible Offer Now!


Now, you must ask yourself: how much is all this worth to you? If you’ve read a few articles about internet marketing, you know how much profit a sound SEO plan can bring you, and you have probably seen how many other tools fall short of providing you with a simple solution to all of your needs.

Sick Submitter 4 was designed as the best aid for you, regardless of how simple or complex your strategy may be. You can start submitting your profiles and articles at your leisure to the very best sites on the internet, with only a few clicks.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime: you can basically get the powerful Sick Submitter features for the price of a family meal at your favorite fast food joint. This offer is limited, so act fast!

Backlinks are the building blocks to victory on the often difficult path to online marketing success, and you will never find a better guide on this journey than Sick Submitter 4.

With Sick’s enhanced features, you will be able to bring more traffic to your websites, and overcome all the competitors in your niche, while spending very little time on all your link building tasks.

Get Sick Submitter 4 now, and you can even benefit from a completely FREE 3 day trial period to try out the program, and check out ALL its remarkably superior options for yourself without having to spend a dime!




Monthly Subscription: C52D9C02

Yearly Subscription: 7B82EADB


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