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Taggify CPC/CPM network Review

Taggify is a CPC and CPM Ad network which allows their publishers to monetize their content such as photos,video and their articles with text links, you can basically monetize every content which you have on your site.

Taggify provide its publishers with great CPM/CPC rates, I personally haven’t used it but according to my friends the least CPM offered by Taggify is $0.68 and the maximum till now is $9.47.

in-Image ads:(Photofy)

in-image ads are ads that are displayed inside your website images, When ever you hover your cursor over an image you will see an ad related to the image which will interest your visitors.


You can customize how you would like your image ads to appear, for example:


Taggify also offer in-video ads.

in-Video ads:(Vidiofy)

in-video ads are ads that are displayed under the videos which are in any of your blog posts, when ever a visitor is watching a video they will get related ads right under the video.



Taggify also offers in-text link ads similar to Kontera.

in-Link ads:(Linkify)

Linkify or in-link ads are ads that appear when ever user click on any link on your website. If you have an article about Microsoft’s Xbox console then a link will be placed on the XBOX text and whenever an user click the XBOX word then they will be taking to a page related to that keyword and you will be paid for it.

They also offer Layer-ads which are full page ads which pay more than the regular ads. You can also use the industry standard 300 x 250, 160 x 600, 728 x 90 banner ads.

Taggify pays based on CPC and CPM.

Minimum Payment is $100 by Paypal, Payza or Wire.


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