Top paying Pre-Roll AD Networks

I’ll start it off with Springboard

* Springboard is the best Pre-roll video network I have tried, they belong to Evolve Media whom also owns another famous CPM network (

* Based on your traffic, Springboard will try to book ads to your website by working directly with the advertisers. They seem to pay for every single impression (based on my experience). Let’s say they book a Coca-Cola video ad for your website and that ad pays $4.50 per 1,000 Impressions then you will receive $4.50 when that certain ad has been viewed 1,000 times. Keep in mind that this video ads run from anywhere between 15-30 seconds, From my experience the whole video does not need to be viewed as on my reporting panel I have seen stats where videos have been viewed only 70%,etc and still get paid per that impression. You will have more ads rotating with higher or lower CPM’s so if you have a site with good quality traffic then you can be sure you can make a lot of money with this guys.

* Springboard is Net 60 and they pay by Check.

If you want to give them a try just sign up here; JOIN NOW



Driver Digital

* Pretty good network with good rates.
* If you are interested in joining you have to send them an email at: [email protected]

Driver Digital also has a gaming division called GameRoll

Taken from their site:

What type of revenue can you expect?

CPMs can range between $2.50 to $10.00, depending upon your number of game plays and the traffic geography of your site. US Domestic traffic ranges from $5-$5.50CPM. Monthly checks will occur starting 4-6 weeks from plug-in.
Why the broad range?

DRIVER will utilize its direct sales force to garner the higher-end CPMs, but to ensure that we fill as much of the inventory as possible. When necessary, we will also use our Ad Network Mediation capabilities to fill your inventory from our ad network partners. Our technology will daisy-chain your inventory to optimize it with the highest CPMs available.
What if I have a lot of international traffic?

DRIVER is proud to be an official partner of Google on AdSense for Games offering the highest possible fill for your international traffic. We are the first to leverage the Host API and give publishers direct access to Google’s Gaming Display Network.





* Intergi is another pre-roll company, they aim for Gaming & Entertainment websites.
* Also offer Banners (728×90,300×250,160×600)
* 100% Fill rate for every country.
* Net 45 (Pay by Check,Paypal,Bank)
* Video Ads run anywhere from 15-30 Seconds

When I used them this were their rates (I believe they are still the same but not sure):

  • United States / Canada (100% fill) – $6.00-$8.00
  • United Kingdom (100% fill) – $5.00-$6.00+
  • Germany – $5.00+
  • Australia (100% fill) – $3.30+
  • Italy – $3.00+
  • Turkey – $1.65+
  • Sweden – $1.65+
  • Japan – $1.65+
  • New Zealand – $1.65+
  • Rest of the world (100% fill rate) – $1.25+ (ONLY if utilizing our JavaScript Wrapper Ad code)

Feel Free to try them out: JOIN NOW



Since I posted a gaming network let me follow up by posting another Pre-roll ad network for gaming sites.
Most of you know of Google Adsene but did you know that Adsense has a gaming division? Adsense For Games (AFG)

Publisher Benefits

  • Join a network tailored for web-based games: Google has focused on building a network and ad technology specifically for games played within the browser.
  • Build a business model while respecting your users: Independent research has shown that most users do not have a negative opinion of in-game advertising and will watch video ads exchange for free game play. As the publisher, you control where and when your ads show, whether it’s before, within, between, and/or after game play.
  • Access campaigns from the world’s top brands: Top brands like McDonalds, Esurance, Wrigley’s, Kohl’s, and more have already run campaigns in the Google network. See our current success stories.
  • Fill up to 100% of your remnant inventory: In addition to campaigns which Google’s sales force sells directly to top brands, you can receive contextually targeted image and text ads which are targeted based on various content and demographic signals.
  • Filter out unwanted ads: Google combines filtering technology, an editorial team, and your input to create a robust set of filters that are right for you. In addition, publishers can filter ads from partners with whom you have exclusive relationships, or competitive ads you may want to block.

Join the other top publishers and networks that have already found success with Google’s in-game advertising. Learn more by choosing a logo. To learn more about Google’s games network, visit out help center.

In order to apply for this you will need to already have an active Adsense Account. The requirements to join this network are extremely high:

  • Have a high volume of games content, i.e., greater than 70% games content with over 2 million games impressions monthly.





* BrightRoll is another good Pre-Roll network (The world largest). I Have never tried them as I do not qualify according to their Requirements. Keep in mind that those Requirements are just to touch bases and you can actually get into the network without technically meeting the exact required amount of visitors/views.

* From what I’ve read they have very good rates.

* They pay NET 30 by Check.






* Haven’t really heard of this network (might be new?) only reason Im posting it is because it might be easier to get in since it doesn’t seem to be that popular so I’m trying to maybe give everyone a chance to sign up and see how it is.





I’ll update this thread if I come across new networks. Enjoy!


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