How to Make Money Online

Trade FOREX and Short or Long Market indices such as NASDAQ,DOW,SP500 using Bitcoin

PRIMEXBT allows you to trade FOREX, as well as Longing or shorting crypto-currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP to name a few. You will also be able to long and/or short market indices such as NASDAQ, SP500, DOW JONES, UK100, SPAIN, EUR50, FRANCE, JAPAN, CRUDE OIL and many more by using Bitcoin. Usually at other brokerages you need fiat to trade Forex or stock indices but now you can do it by using your Bitcoin. This is a great alternative to using your bitcoin only in the crypto market. If the crypto market is undergoing a bear market or stalled then you can simply take your Bitcoin and use it in the other markets named above which will allow you to increase your Bitcoin holdings by doing trades outside of the crypto market.

If you love trading FOREX and Crypto then trading Forex pairs at PRIMEXBT with your Bitcoin is a great way to increase your bitcoin holdings. Long or Short the DOW JONES with your bitcoin and earn more bitcoin. Of course, you can’t just blindly start to open positions as like in every market whether it’s stocks or forex, you need to know what you’re doing. Whether it’s someone giving you trade advice or you simply know how to chart yourself then put it to use and increase your Bitcoin in other alternative markets to crypto. This website gives you access to 30+ different assets which can be traded with bitcoin. PRIMEXBT currently does not require KYC and you can get started instantly and start trading as soon as you have BTC ready. Trade with up to 100x leverage!